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Tedor Tea Brand

We were trying to come up with a brand for our tea. It didn’t take long for us to decide on “Tedor Tea”. It sounds great with the pronunciation of “ti:” in both words, and it actually is Kris’ nick name from his childhood deriving from his Germanic surname Hofstadter. Just as Kris says, a product that bears someone’s name must be good as that person will not tarnish his own name. Indeed we select the best tea not only from China, but also across India, South Africa and Europe. In the market many popular tea is flavoured or with additives. We make sure that ALL our teas are natural and wholesome, not even with natural flavouring/colouring, which could come from animal sources. When it comes to packaging, we spent months doing research everyday looking for environmentally friendly materials. Now we can proudly say that ALL materials involved with our tea (packaging, tea menus, tea cards…) are FSC certified and/or biodegradable!

Now Tedor Tea needs a logo that is more adaptable and memorisable than the previous rabbits. We agreed to use a uniquely designed “T” – a square stamp with fussy edges and a letter “T” in the centre. Stamps are usually associated to authority, quality, handmade…exactly what we are and would like to be represented (Oh yes we hand stamped and packed every paper bag)! Nowadays we have been using this “T” stamp on our tea jars, paper bags, website, royalty cards. Our teas at the moment are not 100% organic, mainly because some of our trusted non-spray tea plantations in China are in poor regions where tea farmers are either not aware of the importance of certifying the tea, or giving up certifying it after a few years because the process is simply too expansive. However, it is Tedor Tea’s vision and mission in the future to raise fund to help them continue certifying their tea and open a new market for them.

Rest assured that with Tedor Tea, you will always enjoy the highest quality tea. Hey, Kris and I will never let anything tarnish our brand!

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