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All the tea of China

With much planning, we finally had a big wedding ceremony in China! Compared to the one we had in Cambridge, which was small and sweet with about 20 guests, this Chinese one felt more like a wedding for my parents to proudly show their 900 odd friends and colleagues that their beloved daughter was married, on the other hand it was also to show their appreciation for the best son-in-law and welcome Kris’ family with some Chinese traditions.

Besides all the horse-riding, riceball-eating, arrow-shooting, fire-crossing, hair-cutting (?!)… there was an interesting part in the ceremony which was tea-related. In China, whenever a guest comes to visit, the first thing the host will serve is tea. It is a symbol of showing respect. In the wedding ceremony, it is an important part for showing respect and gratitude towards parents of the bride and groom for all the years of love and care.

In the early morning of the wedding ceremony, we dressed up in red traditional cloths and knelt down in front of Kris’ parents in the witness of the relatives, handing newly brewed tea to them while both of us officially addressing them as “father” and “mother”. Then we did the same with my parents. Every time after they had sipped the tea, they would give us lucky money in red envelopes wishing us happiness and fortune.

That was such a long day of hours of makeup and dressing, parading in the city, greeting a great number of guests, proposing toasts with all the tables one by one and some Karaoke with close friends afterwards (:D). We were both so tired, but already looking forward to our Hungarian wedding! Life is so wonderful when you work together for the future hand in hand. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t trade you away for all the tea of China.

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