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First Artist – Kati Fricska

We tried to come up with a logo to go with our tea so that every time you see it you know it’s us! We were thinking of some kind of mascot that can go on various packagings – a warm, lovely little creature, and somehow associated with tea – aha, a rabbit! Not an “Alice in Wonderland” rabbit, but a Chinese rabbit, in traditional Chinese jacket, holding a cup of tea maybe?

We went to ask Kati for a favour immediately. Kati is a Hungarian girl who has been our friends for a long time. She is funny, funky, smily, always wearing bright colours and most importantly, she is constantly drawing on her notebooks. Every time she comes around, we would all ask what she have drawn recently, and pass around her notebooks: “Oh I saw this and that…Wow these are new…” After a few weeks she gave us a piece of paper with loads of rabbits, in different outfits and poses. We loved them!

Although we are not using the rabbit at the moment (you might see them on our tea packaging someday), the idea of helping artists promote their artwork became part of our mission. Thanks to the experience in CB1, where Kris had organised numerous exhibitions and concerts, we get to know many artists in Cambridge who would like more people to see their work and know their names. We make a webpage profile for the artist, and print the selected artworks on our tea menus and tea cards. All promotion free of charge. We are always looking for excellent artists to collaborate. If you are interested, let us know!

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