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Drying Local Mint

Kris and I are big supporters of local farmers. Kris had worked on Simon Steel’s farm in Littleport and had been selling Simon’s organic vegetables on Cambridge Sunday markets for 7 years. Although he is getting busier now with music-making, website-building and Neuro-feedback-study, he still jumps in and helps out when the queue is too long.

In one of our blends we are using Green Snail and Peppermint. The peppermint is from Simon’s farm. At the beginning we bought 5 kilograms of peppermint, which was a huge heap! Bit by bit, we picked out all yellow leaves, then washed them carefully, before we tied them in little bundles and put them on the washing line. It was a lot of work for a whole afternoon, but watching the lovely dripping leaves swaying in the wind made us feel so much peaceful and relaxed…

…And it started to rain! We had to run out ant quickly collect all the bundles. Where did we dry them? We are never short of ideas! We put lots of push pins into the ceiling in the boiler’s room, and hung them up there! After a 3-day sauna session, our peppermint was good to be enjoyed in our blends!

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