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CB1 Christmas Sale

It’s the first Christmas for Tedor Tea! Earlier we talked CB1’s lovely manager Gabby into trying to sell some 50g page bag packed tea leaves. We were so pumped up for it but still waiting for our packaging to come…

We were spending such a long time doing research on the resale packaging materials, asking for samples, quotes…Man I’m telling you it is not easy for a small business to start! There were only a few companies that produce biodegradable bags. Most of them asked for a minimum order of 10 thousand bags which was an impossible number for us. Days had passed in waiting and when the ideal bags arrived it was already one day before the Mill Road Winter Fair!

We spent the whole night before making all the bags look pretty. Tea cards, linen ribbons, price list designed in the shape of a Christmas tree… We were busy doing all those things with pleasant music, cooperating in sweet harmony. The paper bags gradually became a little hill on the desk. At some point Kris went up to make a tea for us. When he came back he cracked laughing: “Chinese sweatshop!!!” –_– …

On the evening of the Winter Fair, we went to Mill Road. It was so crowded that we had to move slowly with people, trying to get closer to CB1. The cafe was packed too. Some customers were standing, some were blocking the book shelves where we planned to have our tea on. While waiting we helped with washing up the heaped tea and coffee cups. Kris was doing everything so efficient that I couldn’t help imagining how smart and professional he would look in our future teahouse! We finally put our 6 kinds of tea on the shelf (the most popular 3 pure tea and 3 blends), plus unbleached paper filters for blends.

The Christmas Sale was a great hit – next year we will have to make more bags!

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