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CB1 Herbal Tea

Kris worked at CB1 besides his music study, website projects and his many jobs. Although very busy, he was observant enough to have realised that the loose tea they were selling was not as good as what we bought from China.

Kris started selling our tea there, the first tea being Green Snail. It was the most popular green tea among our friends. It has a refreshing bitter nutty flavour with a sweet aftertaste.

However, many customers are used to having tea bags with broken tea leaves and herbs inside. To cater to their taste, we also mixed the Green Snail with ginger (Focus), some with peppermint and fennel seeds (Fresh), some with cardamom (Cardamom Snail).

It was such a sense of achievement to see more and more people liking our tea, especially the pure version of Green Snail. The other day someone stopped us on the street asking if we were the people selling tea at CB1 and that he enjoyed the tea hugely and wished that we would have a teahouse so that we could served tea in the Chinese (tea ceremony ) way.

After we said goodbye, the complements and the thought of the future made us giggle with such joy! It is of course our dream to have a teahouse (oh, one day!)

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