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From an early age Tipton explored the use of language in writing short stories and plays. Following a career investigating the interplay between psychology, language and technology, he decided to pen his first major novel. He makes his debut with Dual, an intriguing and suspenseful mystery that gathers pace throughout and delights with a superbly enthralling climax.

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DUAL overview:
They say that we are all connected as human beings. We share a history. Usually this means that our DNA can be traced back to early forms of life. But what if two people were connected at a deeper level? The quantum level. DUAL introduces the concept of entanglement through the adventures of Catherine Jumeau and Denton Gill; two ordinary human beings with an extraordinary story.
‘Dual’ is a futuristic thriller with a twist. Detective Denton Gill and Catherine Jumeau share an extraordinarily profound connection, yet meet for the first time by chance following the assassination of the President of the United States. Catherine’s disturbing visions of the dead President reveal a menace at the heart of American political life. In extreme danger, they face an almighty struggle to alter the course of history and thereby prevent the world around them succumbing to dark forces. In so doing they open up new and frightening possibilities for the future of mankind itself.

Some time in the near future, U.S. Vice President Ellis Garfield is addressing the nation, relaying the news of President John Montgomery’s assassination. Catherine, a PhD student at Harvard under the supervision of world-famous physicist Walter Melrose, is the only person to see Garfield’s face suddenly twist and contort to reveal the anguished features of the dead President. Her fellow students, in whom she confides, then disappear. Gill, a somewhat unorthodox detective with the local Boston police, is called in to investigate, but discovers far more than he bargained for.

Catherine and Gill are ‘entangled’, the corollary of which is that they can super-position, or project themselves to a different place and time. We follow Catherine and Gill on a roller-coaster journey to find the truth about the President’s assassination. In the process, revelations about Montgomery, Garfield and Melrose expose the presence of a terrible threat to the very fabric of our world. Our entangled pair must use their ability to super-position – or ‘dual’ – to seek justice and change the course of history in order to avoid a future in which the world becomes a volatile theatre of covert war. A shocking conclusion leaves us pondering entanglement and the nature of our existence in the Universe.


  • This book tells a captivating story that will not just entertain you, but will also make you interested in quantum physics! While reading I watched videos on youtube where they explain string theory, parallel universes, quantum mechanics, etc… and now, I just can’t stop asking questions 🙂

    So, when is the second part coming out?

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