Tedor Tea is an independent tea company based in Cambridge, UK. Our mission is to bring you a wonderful selection of delicious health-giving tea and herbs, combined with a variety of artworks produced by local artists.

We curate only the top quality tea from around the world for your health and enjoyment. From the finest pure tea leaves to the most aromatic herbal blends, we trade with a conscience with tea farmers as well as support our community by sourcing herbs from local farmers whenever possible. Free from any flavourings or colourings, the wholesome benefits of our great tasting teas provide a wide choice for all times and occasions.

You will have a unique artistic experience while enjoying our tea. Artists and their artworks of all forms including drawings, poems, videos, paintings, writings, music (including live code) are featured on our website, with selected series presented in our tea menus in cafes, bistros, restaurants in Cambridge.